You think Earth is a safe haven?

You think the world couldn’t end tomorrow?
Think again.
Our world is no longer our own.
It’s been taken by beings we could never have imagined.
And we are weak.

They have divided us into groups: Harvesters, Gatherers, and Breeders.
I am but one of the dispensable.
My name is Adira Mosely
…and I am a Breeder.


Arrival is a full-length apocalyptic sci-fi alien invasion romance featuring a resourceful heroine and a badass alien hero who changes her world forever.
There are triggers in this story: graphic scenes involving violence and death, dark themes, and scenes of a sexual nature.
Contains forced proximity and aliens with interesting tools.
This book/series is not for the easily offended.

When the monsters came, I lost all hope.
None of us expected we would get help.
That we would be saved…
And that help would come from a most unlikely source.

The Vullan are huge. Scary.
They look like demons…yet, they saved us.
They saved me.

But the fight isn’t over yet. We’re still being invaded.
I have to focus on surviving and helping the Vullan save my planet…my race.
There is no space for any other thoughts.
So why do the eyes of a certain demon catch my gaze?
And why doesn’t his attention make me want to flee?

The little female is tenacious but that does not erase that fact that she is…little.
Smaller than the others.
Too small for bonding. That alone should dissuade me.
Yet, she draws my attention.
And when she sticks out that tiny pink tongue of hers right at me, I know I cannot stop the wheels she set in motion.
Whether she likes it or not, I want her even if I must not have her.
When the scourge that has invaded her planet come to get her, my decision is easy.
They will not take what is mine.

Blurb coming soon!

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