Drehr's Treasure : Free Book Download

Michelle wakes up with her body aching and her memory fuzzy. She’s on a vessel heading somewhere and it soon becomes clear that she’s not alone. There’s an alien manning the vessel, one that looks as scary as his scars.

She has no idea what his plans for her are and when it becomes clear that she has to escape, she tries to do just that.

But what happens when the alien you’re trying to get away from doesn’t want to let you go?

And what if, maybe, she’d been wrong about him all along?

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Ka'Cit's Haven: Extended Epilogue

Nia and Ka’Cit’s story continue in a heart-warming epilogue.

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WAR: Extended Epilogue - FEAT. Fi'rox & DEJA

Read what happens to Fi’rox at the end of War.

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