Abducted from Earth over a year ago, Lauren spent most of that time getting accustomed to her new life as one of the “animals” in an alien zoo.

When she’s sold by the zookeeper, her life takes a turn she wasn’t expecting. She has no idea where she’ll end up till she’s brought to a sanctuary owned by a tall blue hunk of an alien called Riv.

Riv’s life is quiet and peaceful in a place as far away from civilization as he can manage. So when an annoying chatterbox of a human ends up on his doorstep, he’s less than pleased. The human disrupts his life and his solitude and he can’t wait to get rid of her.

He’s not interested in helping her, and he’s definitely not interested in love. 

Except…she’s managed to wheedle her way in and suddenly those barriers around his heart don’t seem so strong anymore.

He has two options: Let her go.
Or let her in.

You have to be really unlucky to be captured by aliens twice…

Well, here I am.

The Queen of Unlucky.

When I’m taken from Earth, my life takes a sharp turn. The alien ship crashes on a strange planet and before I know it, I’m taken again. These new “owners” are just as bad as the last ones and it doesn’t take me long to realize my chances of survival are dim.

I only have one chance to escape—so I take it.

I’m doing a good job of surviving too. That is…until the aliens send a hunter to track me down.

As soon as I lay eyes on him, I know he’s there to find me.

I can’t run; I can only hide—but I can’t hide forever.

It’s a fight for my freedom…

…but it’s my heart that’s in trouble of falling into the hunter’s trap.

“Not the best of ways to introduce myself to you…A gentleman would have at least greeted you first…

… but I’m no gentleman.”


He’s the Bone Crusher. A man in a mask.

His face is hidden alongside his intentions.

He doesn’t do things for free…or to be nice.

So just how did Nia end up stuck on a ship with him by her side?

She’d wanted adventure, but Ka’Cit Urgmental was SO. MUCH. MORE.

It’s obvious he’s only come to help her get back to the Sanctuary.

That’s all.

BUT…when he starts looking at her as if she’s meant to be in his arms, in his bed…his, it soon becomes clear that things aren’t that simple.

That mask he wears? His face isn’t the only thing it hides.

It’s a metal shield veiling more than she could have ever imagined…

Whether what’s underneath will break them apart or pull them together, that is another question.

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