Captured by Aliens

Athena wakes up in hell.

Well…it’s an alien slave ship, but it might as well be hell because she only has three choices.

Mate. Become a sex slave. Or be killed.

Great options.

Desperate for freedom, a chance for survival is presented in the handsome rogue alien called Xul.

But Xul is caught up in problems of his own and a mission he cannot afford to let fail—one that could be easily compromised if he dared open his heart.

That doesn’t leave her with many options and it doesn’t help that she finds him utterly frustrating…

…and strong, hot, irresistible…

She shouldn’t really be thinking about him like that. Should she?

Xul is a standalone read that contains delightfully steamy scenes with a guaranteed happily ever after, possessive alpha males, and strong female leads. There is no forced mating between the hero and heroine and no cliffhanger. It is the first book in the Captured by Aliens sci-fi alien romance series.

Buy Xul today! A new galaxy awaits.

There are two types of hell.

The one priests preach about and then this.

Stuck on an alien slave ship, Piper is auctioned and thrown into a cell with … something.

He’s an alien with a reputation.

A warrior. A beast. A killer.

He is dangerous.

A creature with a cold, cold heart…one not unlike her own.

You’d think falling for an alien killing machine was something so far-fetched it would never happen.

Well, so was being abducted out of 7.5 billion other humans on Earth—and that had occurred so…

Hey, what’s the worst that could happen?

Contains steamy scenes.

When she’d left the gym to head home for a quiet night, the last thing she’d expected was to be abducted by aliens to then be thrown into a fight for life and survival aboard an alien slave ship.

Now that chapter is over and there’s another obstacle in her way—surviving on a desert planet where everything lives to kill…all the while dealing with him


The alien she’s stuck with.

He’s otherworldly, strange, and absolutely confusing.

She hates him and the feeling seems to be mutual.

Problem is, they are stuck in each other’s company until they reach the outpost to send a message for help.

Aliens are the reason she’s in this predicament and Yce is probably no better than her captors…

Except he is…he is very different…and that’s something not even hate can ignore.

This book contains mature themes and sex.

What do you do when falling in love makes you a deviant?

After fighting with his brothers to rescue five human females, the one thing on Kyris’ mind is getting the single human he’s protecting to safety.

His sole purpose is to reach the outpost on a harsh, desert planet so she can be extracted.

His whole aim is to complete his mission.

…except, that’s a lie.

He’s been on countless missions. He’s rescued countless slaves.

Never had he found interest in any of the captives…until now.

He shouldn’t want to claim her. His feelings toward her are sinful…deviant. It is not the way of his people.

Except, everything within him says he should take this small, strange being and make her his own.

Now he’s not only fighting the monsters outside, but the monster growing within.


New city, new job, and then kidnapped by aliens?

—exactly the way Evren had seen her year going.


Add living on a base full of rebels and, well, whoever was in charge of her destiny was definitely having some fun.

She’d probably have to become an intergalactic rebel too…except, was that the path she was meant to take?

In the middle of figuring out her role in this new life, Evren finds herself drawing closer to a rebel that had rescued her: a tall, sexy alien named Kyro, whose presence makes her tingle in places that could get her in trouble.

He pulls her in a way she can’t understand—especially considering that he’s…strange.

He’s different from the others and that’s probably because he’s holding a secret—and not even his brothers in the fight know about it.

It’s a secret so deep, she needs to stay away.

For her safety and for his.

…But how can she resist when he keeps looking at her as if she belongs to him?

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