New Series: Captured Earth

I’ve been busy at my desk writing a new series!

Captured Earth is an apocalyptic sci-fi alien invasion romance series, with the first book dropping in early January 2022.

I’m so excited to introduce this new world to you!

When starting this series, I decided not to put a block on the things the books will cover.

That means there are topics that some readers might not want to read about.

I will try to give adequate warning beforehand, and if you decide to pass on a book/the series, that is completely okay!

There is death. Torture. Graphic scenes.

Violence. Terror.

Raw emotion.

And raw, hot sex.

These alien heroes have miraculous tongues—a gift from evolution—and they’re not afraid to use them where their human women like it most!

But despite this alien goodness, there is the backdrop that the world is ending.

It’s not butterflies and roses, but I hope that if you do choose to read, you will enjoy the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.

As usual, happy reading!

<3 AG

New Series: Captured Earth

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