New Series Starting January 2023

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Oooh, I hope you like it hot. I’m dropping the start of a new series in 2023 and the first book, Claiming His Mate, is coming with the 🔥🔥🔥.

This baby will be released in January (Jan. 3rd to be exact) and I’m so excited. This is the story of Aqnar and Marion. Set far into the future where Earth has evolved into something much more than it is now, these two lost souls meet. It’s fated mates meets a disabled heroine, and it’s giving all the feels.

What’s included:

😍 Possessive ‘kill you if you harm my mate’ vibes
💪 A strong heroine who doesn’t let her disability hinder her
😉 A hero that’s good with his tools
Danger, suspense, emotion, tension (lots of it), chemistry, flaming hot steamy scenes, fated mates, and a guaranteed HEA all wrapped up in a full-length novel.

***If you read the Claimed Among the Stars anthology, you might have come across Aqnar and Marion’s story before. However, while revamping it, I ended up changing much more than I intended. This release adds an additional 30K words to their story (it’s practically a whole new book with so much more goooodddnesssss 🖤 )


When I get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go on a luxury space cruise, I jump at it.
This cruise is the beginning of something amazing, and nothing is going to stop me from going.
But when things go wrong shortly after departure, it’s clear I have made a mistake.
Suddenly thrown into a world where I have no way of defending myself, the last thing I expect is an Atari warrior coming to my rescue.
This cruise has been full of surprises…but the Atari is the biggest one of all.
He’s tall, growly, possessive, and he sends my pulse into overdrive with just the slightest look.
Why the heck is my body reacting this way to this stranger?
And did he just declare that I am his mate?

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New Series Starting January 2023

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