Ka’Cit’s Haven: The Extended Epilogue

I have heard your pleas, so I dived in and wrote more of Ka’Cit and Nia’s story.

WARNING: If you haven’t read the actual book, I HIGHLY advise that you do not read this epilogue. It’s like the KINGGGG🤴 of spoilers and it will ruin your life (or at least your day 😅) if you read it first.

You have been warned.

No, you don’t need to give me your email address or any other information to download the content.

This is a THANK YOU from me for loving my work so much that you wanted more!

Click here to download.

Ka’Cit’s Haven: The Extended Epilogue

9 thoughts on “Ka’Cit’s Haven: The Extended Epilogue

  1. Hello. I have recently discovered your books and absolutely enjoyed reading Ka’Cit’s Haven. I found the link for the Extended Epilogue but the link no longer works. Would it be possible for you to email me a link to this episode? If you would, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Me email address is .

    I would like to thank you in advance if you are able to send me a new link.


  2. I love your writing… I am looking for every book you have written and will read them all.. you have a way with your characters that make my heart sing.. I feel I am literally part of where they are and what is happening. You are an awesome author!!

  3. You are beyond amazing. I love this series so much and I just finished this epilogue. I honestly just can’t get enough of Ka’Cit and Nia’s story. I’m honestly going to read every single book you’ve written and will write in the future. Continue your beautifully crafted work. And thank you for the epilogue for Ka’Cit and Nia’s story. 🥰

  4. I wish I could go back and read this book for the first time again. I love it so much- though when people ask me my favorite romance novel it is a bit awkward to explain “so you see, there’s this big blue alien…”
    Since reading Ka’Cits Haven I’ve been in a reading slump, it’s just nothing compares. I never re-read novels (seriously, like ever) but I’m about to re-read this book for the THIRD time because I love their relationship so much and I can’t find anything that comes close. So thank you so much for the bonus story. I will take any crumbs I can get.
    Also- Riv’s Sanctuary was such a great trilogy! (Emphasis on the second and third books!) Please tell me you’re working on another series similar? I’ve read 2/5 of the Captured by Aliens and I’ve started The Restitution series, which are both good in their own right, but something about Riv’s Sanctuary series really resonated with me.

    1. Thank you so much! Ka’Cit and Nia are definitely one of my favourite couples. V’Alen and Alaina are also great, if I can say so, haha. I loved the Riv’s Sanctuary series because it had a softer undertone to what was happening in the world with the rebels and the fighting. I might possibly do something like that again, there are a few ideas in my head. 😀

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