Hello and welcome to my official blog.

I’ve been contemplating doing a blog for a while now but until today, I’ve put it off.

One, it’s a big commitment and two, I don’t know if I’ll have much to say.

I’m not a talkative sort of person and I SUCK at social media…those two things don’t say “Oh, go create a blog” but hey, here I am writing this post.

So, welcome to my blog.

This will be a place where I talk about my WIPs (works in progress) and anything that comes to mind really. It will be a place where I can share a little about me and my work and I hope it’s a place you will come to like visiting.

Onward we go!


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. The best thing about author blogs is the heads up on new releases. If you do nothing else, that is enough! I wish you the best of luck but if you do not enjoy the process then delete the blog-thing and relax.

    1. Words of wisdom, Sharon :D.
      I’ll be happy to drop a few words about the books as I’m working on them. That’s not too much 🙂 We’ll see, haha

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